A Simple Love Song

Years ago I came up with a catchy tune but could never put words to it. One day I met a girl, the most beautiful girl I had ever encountered. When she smiled her eyes glowed and my heart stopped. Only minutes after meeting her I was completely in love. She was not only beautiful but the most kind, intelligent, and sincere woman I had ever met. Two weeks passed, and to my great dismay, it was time for her to get on a plane and return to England. We embraced and shared out first kiss; I didn’t want to let her go. My heart was broken, because I knew she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I picked up my guitar and began to play the catchy tune I had written; but, unlike before, words began to pour out of my heart. This is a simple love song written by a twenty year old boy hopelessly in love. After all these years, it still speaks to how I feel about my darling wife . . .


Existence as an Act of Love


Once I wallowed in the darkness of the void

That darkness darker than the night

Ever searching, ever groping, ever longing

My hands clutching shadows that slipped through my fingers.

Lost in a maze without meaning, without purpose, without destination

I wandered in a dry and waterless land

My soul aching for something or someone to give me hope

An experience to justify this pitiful existence.

How I yearned to escape the absurdity

I clung to my individuality, my uniqueness, but in vain

Having rejected You I acknowledged that all was One – ever turning, all encompassing

And within this Monolith “I” was an illusion.

How I longed to communicate – to understand and to be understood

How I longed to reciprocate – to love and to be loved

How I longed to impose my will – to create and to be created

But how could I escape the Monolith?

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