It’s Not Really Good Bye . . .

Dear readers, it is with great sadness that I announce the end of this blog. I started it years ago when I was an undergraduate student. There was no plan or theme or direction; just random diatribes, research papers, the occasional biographical sketch, and odd quotes. All of which were shared sporadically and sometimes with significant gaps in between posts.

Much has changed in my life since I first started blogging; thus, I have decided to move things to a new platform and have a fresh start. I have also decided to give the blog a definite goal or purpose. As such, the new blog will focus more on philosophy of religion and ethics; it will be primarily academic in nature.

So, it’s not really good bye; only a fresh beginning!

For those interested in my new writing please follow this link: 

Thank you all for your encouragement and feedback all these years. God bless!


New Look . . . Same Great Taste!

Welcome to my new blog!  In the coming year I look forward to sharing my heart with you as I wrestle with some of the seminal issues facing our generation.  My aim is to discuss a wide range of topics – anything from Nietzsche to lederhosen is fair game – and to keep you informed about various musical and writing projects I’m working on.  To be frank, the title of this blog is a bit misleading: my web site certainly has a new look, but I hope it will be far more tasteful, more thoughtful, and more diverse, than it ever was in the past.  Until next time . . .