J. Matthan Brown

A rare candid shot of the author about to drink coffee

Hey! I’ve changed my address:


You can read and download my philosophical work here:



8 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Jerry,

      I would be happy to. Was there a particular post you had in mind or would you like me to write something specifically to be posted on your site? Also, I will check out what Jase has been working on. Thanks!

      – Josh

      • You post what you desire. It may be previous posts or something you are working on currently. I am interested in good discussion. Also, invite your friends to join in helping Jase… I will be posting my writings on Mormonism soon. I would like yalls feedback on it too. So… much to write about and discuss. Thanks friend.

  1. Haha, your description of your writing sounds a bit like my blog, I write when and whatever comes to mind on basically the same list of topics you do. Did you mean “formerly” an evangelical pastor? I’m sorry that you’ve gone over to the dark side! 😀

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