Let the Little Children Come Unto Me …. Why Noisy Children in Mass Are a Good Thing.

(Here’s an excerpt from my wife’s new blog This Beautiful Dust. She’s an amazing writer, a deep thinker, and one of the most godly women I know. For the full article just follow the link to her blog . . .) 

I was sat in Mass today. Well. I use the word sat liberally … i was squatting, standing, kneeling, wrestling, rocking , shhhh’ing and sighing and sometimes sitting. I saw many smiles as I endeavored to maintain peace among my brood.

I had a feeling our mid – Mass circus was not amusing or endearing to a lady in the pew behind me. It became evident when the command to offer the sign of peace was given, and she merely glared at me and didn’t offer her hand … but to everyone else she did.  Every mishap, saw a more intense pursing of the lips.

There would have been a time when this broke my heart … in a I’m never going back to Mass until my children are 18 kind of way  … but something I have learnt is how much Jesus delights in His little children and instead, I smiled, because I knew our little busy family’s antics were a little thread in the sanctifying work in the hearts of every soul that heard the cries or observed the perpetual movement and so I smiled, and crossed for the lady of pursed lips, for I knew that Jesus would be working in her hardened displeasure . . . KEEP READING  


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