Philosopher’s Diary

Periodically, I’ll share some news about my studies at the University of Birmingham.  Like, right now . . .

The next seven weeks are going to be intense. I’ve got three major essay’s to write and my dissertation proposal needs major revision!  Here are my essay topics:

(1) In the frist essay I’ll be arguing against David Benatar’s controversial thesis that existence is always a harm in favor of the Eastern Catholic view that existence is good.  Once establishing this ontological principle I will demolish Benatar’s “qualified defense” of suicide.

(2) In my second essay I’ll be arguing against David Lewis’s form of modal realism.  I will also argue in favor of an Aristotelian/Thomistic conception of modality.

(3) Finally, in essay three, I’ll make the case that natural rights theories of human rights are compatible with agreement theories.  Both theories have drawbacks and merits but are often juxtaposed. My aim is to show that the theories are not mutually exclusive.

My thesis, which I will explain in greater detail later, will involve arguing for the incoherence of ontological physicalism.  It should be really fun!

In addition to all this writing, I’m very much looking forward to meeting William Lane Craig in a couple of weeks.  He’s delivering this years Cadbury Lectures.

Well, that’s all for now.  More updates to come soon!


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