Thomistic Dualism . . . an Addendum


Years ago, as an undergraduate student, I wrote a paper on Thomistic dualism that I later published on this blog.  In an odd turn of events, Steven Novella, a clinical neurologist and assistant professor at Yale, recently embedded a link to this paper on his blog Neurologica.

My initial response to this was: “Why is a neurologist from Yale sending people to my poorly written undergraduate philosophy paper?”

Upon further investigation, I was horrified to discover that my article is second only to Wikipedia when one searches “Thomistic dualism” on Google.

Novella is no fan of hylomorphism (the more sophisticated name for Aquinas’s version of dualism) and, obviously, could careless about the quality of the article he has linked to.  However, I am quite sympathetic to this view and cringe at the thought that my paper is the only exposure to Thomistic dualism that many people will ever have.

Hylomorphism is a serious metaphysical doctrine that many contemporary philosopher’s are attracted to.  If you’ve only read my article, you’ve gotten a very weak introduction to this subject. I encourage you to check out the following two books for a more sophisticated explication of Aquinas’s ideas:

Philosophy of Mind by Edward Feser


Real Essentialism by David Oderberg



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