Tuition Fundraiser!


I’m overjoyed to announce that I’ve had offers from the University of London and the University of Birmingham to study philosophy of religion and ethics!  This is a tremendous opportunity and I’m very thankful to everyone who encouraged and prayed for me while I applied.  The big task I have ahead of me now is figuring out how to cover the cost of tuition.  Thanks be to God, I was awarded a scholarship in the amount of $1,000; but, the remaining tuition and cost of living is quite expensive.  Due to my desire to be responsible and avoid accruing a massive amount of debt (via more student loans) I’m asking those of you who know me and understand my passion for studying and writing on these issues to consider giving me a helping hand.

For just $20.00 you can help me raise the money for tuition and empower me to use the gifts God has given me to teach, publish, and speak on matters pertaining to faith and culture and to minister to those who struggle with doubt or are antagonistic to the Church . . . Plus, you get a really cool t-shirt.  


If you are able and willing to help me I would greatly appreciate it.  Please click on the link below to find out how you can donate $20.00 and get a t-shirt:

Thank you all and God bless!!