Through Dark Lands: A Young Man’s Encounter With Homelessness

In the past four years I’ve had the special privilege of working with homeless men, women, and children in different cities across the United States. Through the course of my ministry to the homeless I’ve experienced both tragedy and redemption. I’ve seen lives destroyed by sin and lives beautifully restored by Christ. I’ve both doubted and questioned my faith and drawn closer to God than ever before. I’ve had my own life threatened and seen other lives destroyed. Since I’m taking a break from writing my book, I thought it would be nice to share some of these experiences with you . . .

Let me forewarn you, however, that many (in fact most) of these stories are extremely disturbing and quite graphic. They involve drug use, prostitution, bad language, child abuse, mental illness, demon possession and a host of gross injustices. Although I will not be using any of the real names of people I’ve worked with or mention the places in which the events took place, I shall be very honest in my description of these events. In doing this I believe I’m following the example of the authors of the Bible who made it a point not to hold back any of the unpleasant details.

I will also seek to be honest about my own spiritual development during this time. I know that I have sinned and made bad choices during my dealings with the homeless. I do not wish to portray myself as a saint nor the homeless as wild savage heathen. In truth, there have been times in which the homeless have ministered to me more than I’ve ministered to them. My desire is to show how destructive sin can be and to demonstrate just how much we all need the Truth instantiated in the man Jesus Christ. I pray that these stories bless you and strengthen your resolve to stand against evil and injustice wherever you may be.


The Diary of a Despairing . . . I Mean, Aspiring Author: Part 4

So, I’ve reached a very interesting and exciting stage in the development of the book.  At this point in the story, the protagonist has started his ascent up the mountain to the cave of solitude overlooking mankind.  Just when he’s about to start climbing, however, he makes a quick stop in a small village at the foot of the mountain.  In this village he encounters the “Four Horsemen” who are proselytizing the common man – attempting to convert him to atheism.  After listening to the Horsemen’s diatribe for a couple of minutes the character is once again visited by the ghost of Nietzsche who immediately begins to ridicule the godless knights.  The Horsemen, of course, are the so called New Atheists: Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens.  I can scarcely think of a better way to critique the New Atheists than pitting one of the most famous (and arguably well known) atheists in modern history against them . . . but, all of this will have to wait for now.

While I’m obviously anxious to get started writing this portion of the book, in the coming months I’ll have to step back and take a short break.  Please don’t get depressed—it’s for a good cause!  I’m excited to announce that I will be publishing an essay on the topic of divine love and the nature of existence through a small publishing house which goes by the name of Shadowfire Books.  The essay will be written in the form of a prayer and is part of a collaborative effort featuring several other new authors.  Thus, for the next couple of months all of my attention will be directed towards this essay—which I must have turned in by October 31st.  I’ll release more information about this project as time gets closer for its release.  Until then, you can expect to see more of my articles published on the Christian Watershed and the occasional post on this blog.