The Diary of a Despairing . . . I Mean, Aspiring Author: Part 3

I recently started writing my first book entitled: How I Killed Nietzsche and Became the New Übermensch.  These are the chronicles of my journey through this intense project . . .

Part 3: The most difficult aspect of creating this story has been weaving Nietzsche’s own writing into the dialogue.  Although the book is a work of fiction–a unique blending of horror, fantasy, and memoir to be exact–it is far more than an entertaining story.  At the core of this troubling tale are some of the deepest philosophical and theological challenges of our time.  In order to capture these issues with precision and authenticity I’m utilizing word for word quotations from Nietzsche’s writings.  Thus, about ninety percent of the dialogue you read in this book will be Nietzsche’s actual words.  The reason I’m weaving his philosophical discourse into a fictional story is because I believe these issues run deeper than the intellect.  On the contrary, I believe they involve the entire person.  Nietzsche spoke of this in his notes, and I find myself in full agreement with him.  He states: “I speak only of things I experienced and do not offer only events in the head.  One must want to experience the great problems with one’s body and one’s soul.  I have at all times written my writings with my whole heart and soul:  I do not know what purely intellectual problems are.”  The intellectual wrestlings of my generation are far more than ideas in the head; but matters of the heart and soul.  In this book I hope to capture the intensity and seriousness of these issues without sacrificing the subtly of philosophical discourse.

There is, however, another motivation behind this work of philosophical fiction.  It is an unfortunate fact that many in my generation no longer think or reason through their beliefs but, rather, mindlessly absorb them through the media.  I call this phenomenon  intellectual osmosis.  It is largely due to slothfulness and impatience but also a symptom of our ever increasing addiction to irrational entertainment which preys upon our lower animal appetites.  As a result, young people are rarely interested in reading a work of non-fiction which forces them to think with subtly and precision.  It’s just not exciting enough.  With this work I hope to capture the readers imagination, thus lulling him into a false sense of security, whilst secretly engaging him in philosophical discourse.  It is my hope that once you start reading you will not want to stop, no matter how difficult the dialogue gets.  After all, a good book should occasionally cause minor fatigue to the brain.


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