Blue like Jazz . . . Meet Purple like Polka

I’m excited to announce that my infamous satire  Purple Like Polka will be released as a free download on Kindle Books next month!  I wrote this piece when I was still in college–primarily as a way to get a good laugh out of my nerdy friends.  As fate would have it, my little joke quickly became a smash hit . . . among the the five or six people who read it.  After sharing it with them, I was soon urged to send a copy of my satirization to one of my professors.  Consequentially, he enjoyed it so much that he made copies for one of his classes to read and strongly encouraged me to seek out a means for getting it published.  Wanting a second opinion, I sent it to another of my professors who instructed me to send it to a magazine he served on the editorial board of.  To my great surprise the chief editor of the magazine loved it!  Sadly, it didn’t quite fit in with the type of material he normally published and he ultimately  turned it down.

Having absolutely no idea who would possibly want to publish my admittedly unusual bit of literature, I made a couple more copies for close friends to enjoy at their liesure and promptly filed the project away–never to be heard from again.  With the recent release of the movie adaptation of Blue Like Jazz and the increasing popularity of postmodern atheistic thought among Christians, however, I once again feel that there is hope for my quirky little spoof.  After thinking it through, I decided that Kindle Books would be the perfect medium to bring my work out of the closet and into the public eye.  I look forward to sharing it with you all!


The Diary of a Despairing . . . I Mean, Aspiring Author: Part 2

I recently started writing my first book entitled: How I Killed Nietzsche and Became the New Übermensch.  These are the chronicles of my journey through this intense project . .

Part 2:  In many ways I feel more like a method actor than an author right now:  obsessively gathering materials to create a psychological profile for my character, attempting, as much as possible, to step inside the identity of my new creation, and occasionally slipping into character at inappropriate times.  My goal: realism . . . no, authenticity.  I want the reader to have an authentic experience of somebody else’s experience–it is in this sense that my novel is a work in existential literature.  I want my readers to feel as if they are inside the narrator’s head as he wrestles with Nietzsche’s ghost.  To accomplish this I’ve drawn from a diverse range of sources to construct a psychological history for my protagonist.  A lot of the primary elements of his character are derived from close friends of mine, who have suffered terribly from hypocritical Christian parents and parishioners and who have wrestled with feelings of guilt, self-loathing, and doubt themselves.  Some of them are still wrestling.  Many of the unfortunate circumstances the protagonist, and narrator of the book, experienced in his childhood reflect, however dimly, some of my father’s experiences dealing with an abusive father growing up.  In all of this, however, I have tried to input as much from my own experiences and emotions as possible.  I have spent hours plumbing the depths of my soul; reflecting upon my own sins and doubts and have inserted these elements inside the book whenever possible.  The reason for this is, again, authenticity.  I know I will lose my readers if they find my lead character’s thoughts and inner angst unbelievable or if it comes off sounding trite.  The succes of my book hinges, almost entirely, upon how real my character is.  So . . . yeah, I’m a little bit nervous. I’ve written far more non-fiction than fiction and I’m worried that I wont be able to pull it off.  Nevertheless, I shall continue to write.  This project must be finished.

The Diary of a Despairing . . . I Mean, Aspiring Author: Day 1

Recently, I started writing my first book entitled: How I Killed Nietzsche and Became the New Übermensch.  These are the chronicles of my journey through this intense project . . .

Day 1:  Finally, after months of research, countless hours writing and rewriting the outline, and a healthy dose of daydreaming, I’ve actually started to bring this project to life.  At this point, I’ve nearly completed the first chapter and plan to share this with a couple of close friends to get some feedback.  The process of preparing for and writing this book has literally pushed me to the edge of insanity.  Namely, because I’ve had to crawl inside both the mind of a young man wallowing in despair and self-loathing and inside the terrifying mind of insanity itself: Nietzsche.  One night, after spending hours reading through Human, All Too Human, Twilight of the Idols, The Anti-Christ, and Will to Power, I began to feel light headed and dizzy.  It seemed as if the world around me was fading into the background and I began to feel numb inside.  Granted, this could have been because I was up way past my bedtime and had been reading for many hours.  But, I believe something more than mere fatigue was ailing me.  I had just spent hours of my life absorbing page after page of hateful, venomous, intellectual posturing and scornful destain.  In many ways I began to identify with the character of the young man I had been creating in my head.  One can only bear so much nihilism before he begins to cave in and lose the feeling of joy in life.  Eventually, I had to put the books down and step away.  I was feeling depressed and empty and I needed something to lift up my soul.  So, being the nerd that I am, I picked up a copy of Pope John Paul the Second’s master work: A Theology of the Body.  Slowly my sanity returned, as did my sense of feeling, and I soon drifted into a peaceful sleep.