The Ugly Face of Darwinism

Many still refuse to believe proponents of Intelligent Design (or anyone questioning Darwinian Evolution) are being persecuted, blacklisted, and treated with disrespect.  If you are one of these people, I invite you to visit biologist PZ Myers popular blog Pharyngula; a revolting space, displaying childish, disgusting, immature behavior, towards anyone who questions the Darwinian worldview.  In particular, I urge you to read his latest post which display’s a private correspondence between Discovery Institutes David Klinghoffer and evolutionary biologist Nicholas Gotelli. 

To read Myer’s post click here.

I hope this little exchange leaves a bad taste in your mouth and leads you one step closer to acknowledging the volatile climate which exists for those challenging Darwinian Evolution.


One thought on “The Ugly Face of Darwinism

  1. I hope you realize proponents of Intelligent Design are proponents of magic, and anyone who invokes magic to solve scientific problems really deserves to be treated with disrespect (and contempt and ridicule). This is, after all, 2009, and not the Dark Ages.

    Evolution is an established truth. The biologists of the world agree evolution-deniers are equal to flat-earthers.

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